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Creative Baby Bag Designs

I was out shopping for a new bag with my wife the other day and particularly looking for one I could use as a changing bag for our 2 year old when I’m out and about on my own with him. There is a serious lack of baby bags targeted at dads and although there are a few unisex changing bags there’s little that really appeals purely to men.

After traipsing around Mothercare and the usual baby shops to find something suitable I came to the conclusion that unless you have a creative or design phobia you’re not going to find what you want on the high street. So the search moved online when we got home.

The hunt online didn’t go particularly well at first either with every bag for men being a bit on the small side or ridiculously (I mean over £300!) expensive. Finally I came across a small independent retailer online that specialises just in baby change bags and thankfully they’d bothered to get a collection of changing bags just for dads. While there are not too many and certainly not many that are cheap there were some design classics in there. Particularly the one I went for in the end which is called the Jamie Black by a creative designer called Storksak. Not the greatest name for a male oriented bag I grant you!

Jamie BagThe reason I loved the Jamie bag is firstly because it’s made of leather and as a man you want a masculine material. Also however because of it’s simple design and it’s just the right size for everything you need on you when your out with the little one. From a design and creative point of view I think it’s one of the nicest designed bags I’ve seen for men for a while regardless of being a baby bag. It’s so hard to find a man bag that is not looking like a handbag so kudos to the designers for pulling that off.

Will report on the practicalities of it at a later date.


Crazy House in Twickenham

Twickenham HouseSometimes houses appear in the most unusual places. Londons got it’s fair share of weird and wonderful houses but you wouldn’t expect there to be a castle!

This 1740’s house is an amazing bit or architecture and if it was to be valued by an estate agents today would probably be in the high millions. Theres no chance of it going on the market though and estate agents would be squabbling over it as property prices for sales and lettings in the Twickenham and surrounding areas like Isleworth and Teddington are rarely over the £1,000,000 mark. Typical house prices in Twickenham according to local agents Jezzards (www.jezzards.co.uk) are in the region of £300,000.

There are many more interior shots of this amazing building on this blog and it’s a pretty crazy house indeed.

We found this great video which is pushing a book but you get to see some interior shots in it too. Check it out.


Our Creative Blog is Born

Funky creative home creative design for containersWelcome to the DA Creative blog (“da” creative blog not D.A.) where we’ll be sharing all sorts of inspirational and creative ideas in the world of business, fashion and design.

It’s a passion that’s turned into an obsession so expect all sorts of weird and wonderful rantings to be emerging from our blog over time.

If you have time to check back regularly it would be amazing. While your out on the web lookup the actual definition of creative, it’s kinda cool.

While we’re talking creative homes (for no apparent reason!) take a look at this video I found on youtube of someone building a house from scratch in time lapse. Awesome.