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Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games along with Blackjack. In every casino, both online and offline, you will find this classic casino game. Of course, you enjoy the whole entourage in a real casino, but nowadays this is also possible online! Start your luck by visiting this link

How about Live Roulette?

Enjoy the atmosphere of the classic roulette game with a real croupier from your own easy chair.

Roulette Game Rules

The Roulette game rules are simple. To play the Roulette game, place a bet on one of the numbers in the field or outside of it.

No more bets

When everyone has placed their bets on the playing field, the croupier turns the wheel and throws the ball. He then says: “No more bets” or “No more bets“. This is the moment when you can no longer fit your bets. From then on you have to wait as a player until the ball falls on one of the numbers.

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The croupier places the ‘dolly‘ on the winning figure after the ball has fallen and then retrieves all bets that have not won from the table. Finally, he pays out the winners of the game. Betting at Roulette You can use roulette in different ways. First, you can bet as much as you have chips, as long as a single bet is not higher than the maximum bet of the table you are playing on. The minimum and maximum bet allowed at the table is usually on a placard or placard near the roulette wheel. If it is not clear what the minimum and maximum bet are, ask the croupier.

With roulette, you can always place ‘inside bets‘, called inside bets. And ‘outside betting‘, or ‘outside bets’. The inside bets are the bets placed directly on the numbers and the outside bets are the bets outside the number box on for example red or black, high or low, even or odd and a dozen bets.


Before you can start playing, it is useful to be aware of a number of roulette rules. It is often the case that there is a minimum bet for a table and also for some playing fields a minimum bet is required. If you are not sure about this, you can always ask the croupier or read the roulette rules on the internet page. The minimum amount that you have to bet per playing field applies to all bets. This is the allowable amount that you can bet as the lowest, for both the ‘outside bet’ and the lowest total bet. In an online casino, a chip is usually shown that shows the lowest bet.

what type of bet

Depending on the type of bet, the bet you place on the roulette table, winnings are paid in different ways. The payout is related to the statistical odds of the bet.

How does it work?

Not everyone knows the burial game and the surprise lies there. Basically, it does not matter where you play roulette, whether offline or online: you should be able to apply this handy strategy everywhere. The idea here is simple: select the desired numbers, take the numbers that are around them into account and switch them on. Enjoy your game!…


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Compulsive gambling affects any kind of gambler and all for different reasons. Sometimes someone you least expect may be suffering from compulsive gambling. You can learn more on this issue over at Spinathon. We hear stories of the high-rollers of Vegas and imagine that it’s only those types of people that gamble, but in fact it is not. Your friends, bartender, boss, etc. could be the compulsive gambler in your life. What happens if you are the boss and have come to know about a compulsive gambler at your workplace? This article will guide employers on what to do with an employee with a gambling problem.

There are various signs that will lead you to suspect that your employee may be having a problem with compulsive gambling. These include;

-Mishandling time

Employees with compulsive gambling problems will come into work late repeatedly. While they are there, you may spot them frantically scoping newspapers/ gambling sites instead of focusing on the work at hand. Spending excessive time on the work telephone or internet is also a major red flag. They also tend to take longer lunch breaks than usual or leave work earlier. These employees also take unpredictable sick leave patterns.


-Lack of productivity

An employee who is busy focusing on the next gambling session or the last won’t be very productive at the workplace. He/she gets agitated now and then- probably the impatience of waiting to clock out, so they can go gamble. This also goes hand in hand with lack of concentration. Because of the services, the employee may begin to deliver incomplete work, forget to carry out certain tasks and soon.

-Misusing finances

When a gambler makes it to a point where they need to borrow money to gamble, that’s when you know they are in deep. If they fail to get money from friends and family, the next alternative may be their employer.

This type of employee asks for a raise frequently and borrows money from his workmates. Another sign of problem gambling is hearing that your employee is receiving calls at work from companies chasing payment. You may also notice your employee covering extra shifts even though they are clearly physically and mentally exhausted.

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– Misusing finances for criminal purposes

If you ignore the mild signs, you might end up dealing with bigger problems like an employee embezzling funds, so he/she can gamble. This has happened several times before. Some employees have successfully stolen company money, lived the high-roller life in Vegas and gambled the money away. As glamorous as the story sounds, ultimately the employee was reported by a colleague and arrested.


How to deal with it

-Approach them: A supervisor should do this in the most supportive manner possible. The last thing you want to do is make them feel attacked. You should explain problem gambling resources you are willing to offer to help.

-No judgement

Make sure you reiterate that you are doing this out of nothing, but concern. You need to also approach them calmly in a safe environment. Pin pointing them could raise suspicions at the workplace which is likely to make them feel uncomfortable working with others. It’s like everyone knows your dirty secret.

-It’s all business

A great employer is genuinely concerned about his/her employee’s state of mind, but at the end of the day this is a business and the reality is that they need to perform. Give them time off and assure them that if they don’t come back better, the job is off the table.


The Greatest Attraction Of Casino Games Online

Ever since the Internet has become the number one source fro virtually everything we need, from information to products and services, the online entertainment industry has gained a lot of popularity, especially the casino games online field. Many people began gambling on the Internet, using virtual casino platforms to enjoy their favorite activity, gambling. As a result, the market has expanded greatly and there are now numerous and various platforms that operate as online casinos and they offer a large array of games, the most popular of which seems to be the slots, such as Sizzling Hot or Book of Ra or many, many others. In regular, brick and mortar casinos, most gamblers are attracted to poker and blackjack or some by roulette tables, because there, they can sit down, interact with the dealer or the other players, but when gambling online, many individuals just want to relax and not worry about high stakes, game tactics or other such issues and slot games offer jus that.

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Slots seem to be the greatest attraction of casino games online because they are entirely dependent on luck, so the players don’t have to think much about strategies or game rules. The slots have 3 reels or 5 reels that you must spin and you win when a certain combination of reels results. The stakes are also not that high when it comes to these machines and some online casinos even allow gamblers to play for free, just for fun or practice. There are virtually hundreds and hundreds of games available, from Sizzling Hot and Playboy to Kings of Cash, Slots Angels and Desert Treasure and you can play regular slots, progressive jackpot slots, slots with bonus games and numerous other extra features that make the process thrilling and attractive. Even if gamblers have a favorite casino game, such as poker or blackjack, when they need to take a break from the table and just relax, slots give them the opportunity to do so and many players take it.

All things considered, slots are a great way to have fun, relax and enjoy your passion for gambling without risking too much money or even without risking your money at all if you choose casino games online for free. Whether you like the old classics, the latest releases or the most popular slots, such as Sizzling Hot, you have plenty of options when it comes to online platforms that provide these games. Choose your web casino carefully, as this is an important decision, especially if you play for real money. If you are just starting out, the wise thing is to choose a free game casino, in order to get some experience and practice the games before gambling your money. The Internet comes as a great help in this regard as well, as you will be able to find plenty of information on the topic online, including reviews of certain casinos and games, testimonials and so on, all of which will help you make a better decision.

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The Variety Of Casino Games

Entertainment has taken many forms over time. When it comes to relaxing oneself, you do have plenty of choices to make your decision. In fact, the world of entertainment has turned into a real empire, because it is no longer a tool for some people, but more of an addiction. There are individuals who are so consumed by celebrity gossip that they cannot keep distant from TV shows that discuss such issues. Of course, not just everyone likes this kind of entertainment. In fact there are people that do not need to open the television to relax themselves or to forget about their problems. There are people who have completely forgotten about television and passed on to the Internet. Of course, this should not come as a surprise, because the online world has more than sufficient alternatives in whatever market youa might be interested in. Perhaps it is high time people discovered the world of online casinos. Surely, the popularity of this field is no news to anyone.

[The Greatest Attraction Of Casino Games Online]

Indeed, casino games appear to be among the favorite ways of relaxation for some people. More and more people seem to be drawn by this world, because it is incredibly diversified. Once you will visit specialized websites, you are bound to discover that an impressive number of such games exist. There is at least one for each taste. It might be a good idea to mention a few just to convince you of the fact that when it comes to variety, casino games occupy a leading position. Of course there are the classic casino games everyone is familiar wit. Roulette, poker, blackjack, all these can be located on dedicated websites. Because the online world does not seize to impressive and surprise its audience and target public, it is only natural to take a look at what this market provides you with. For instance, on specialized online platform enthusiasts are bound to discover games such as Jackpot 6000. This slot game is very popular at the moment. Some it is because people are reminded of real life Las Vega casinos. The same can be said about Starburst. A slot game as well, with a different design, this game is rather popular among casino game enthusiasts.

The list of games has not yet ended. What is even more interesting about this world is that not only are there plenty of games, but there are also variations of games. Thus, you can easily imagine just what a variety awaits for you. Think of Poker. If you are interested in playing this game on a highly reputed online platform, you can always try the Texas Hold’em version. The world of casino games draws more and more individuals to it. It might be variety responsible for this fact, but it can also be design or even the prospect of making profit. Either way, one cannot argue with the complexity of this type of entertainment. Find yourself a trustworthy online game provider and start playing! Remember to try as many games as possible!

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